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Review - CARRIAGES IN THE SKY by TheFlowerDagger

Thus begins day one of my determined decision to focus a bit less on my own story and more on those of others. Not only do I frequently run out of things to say about me—only so much happens with my book, and it’d be silly to blog every time I go up one point in ranking—but there are other great stories out there that don’t get the attention they deserve.
So, here’s my first attempt at a professional review on my blog. I sure hope I do well. :)
Book Jacket
Carriages in the Sky -
Genre: General Fiction, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Romance
Short pitch: The children of Elricka were kidnapped, forced to rule a city in the sky. Unfortunately, teenagers and government do not always spawn successful results.
Long pitch: Six years ago, ten children were stolen from their ordinary lives and taken to Elricka: the kingdom in the sky. There they ruled with generally happiness, oblivious to the suffering of their people as they bond into a family.
But paradise is never permanent. As they prepare to lose one of their own to a fatal illness, and their group begins to fall apart, the citizens they have ignored grow restless. Conflict broils just as they meet the CIcely - the Queen who will join their ranks as a replacement for their dying friend.
**Cover made by the brilliantly talented Tracy Michelle**
Thoughts: The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this story was the cover. The cover is gorgeous, and I’m afraid I do sometimes judge books by their covers, and in this case I judged well. Second, I was awed at the mental picture that the title of this story brought to me; I thought of magic and glitter and a deep sense of the unknown. I knew this was my type of book.
When I first started reading it, I was rather sleepy *grins sheepishly* so I can’t critique very well for the first two chapters. I do know that I was hooked from the first line. There are typos in this story, but it really draws you in, so you hardly notice them. All you really know when reading is that the plot is incredibly original, and you want to know what happens next; the characters are not cardboard, far from it, and you share the same concerns as they do. I won’t give away any spoilers, but the tone in one of the chapters was somber, and I became rather sad as I read it. The author can really set the mood, which can’t be said for every story I’ve read on here.
Then, I began reading more about the presumed main character, Cicely. I love the name, first of all—my middle name is Cecilia. :) This character is very entertaining to read about. For the sake of avoiding spoilers, I’m only going to say that she made me chuckle a couple of times, and she’s definitely 3D. She’s the rich character, yet is written differently; it didn’t give me the impulse to roll my eyes. The author, by making the plot more important than the wealth of the character, made it work. I like Cicely a lot, and I rarely like rich characters.
She wrote this one character very well, and did an exceedingly good job with all the others.
I’m hooked now. I don’t always read to the last chapter of a book on inkpop, but this time I did because I couldn’t stop. I really hope TheFlowerDagger updates soon, and I predict this book will make it big on the site. I picked this story, and it will remain on my picks for quite a bit.
So read it! :D
My two official reviews for it on inkpop:
Carriages in the Sky is a lovely name for a book.
Great first sentence. It makes you want to keep reading.
I love the first chapter. This is really different. Your writing style is brilliant, the plot so far is crazy good. I already know I'll be picking this :)
Cicely is a lovely name.
I love how the story is so easy to read, and it's the perfect pace--not too slow, not too fast. The chapters aren't too long either.
[She wanted a season other than autumn right now.] LOVE!
GREAT description of his eyes.
Picked as soon as I have a spot, and I'll write another better review when I finish reading on. I might even write a blog post about it. :) But I'm definitely hooked at this point!
REVIEW 2-Nooooo! ;-; Total cliffhanger here! I WANT MORE. Let me know when you update.
I'll write up a better review when I find time. :)
But this. is. BRILLIANT.

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