Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wow! I haven't been on this blog in a long, long time!

I haven't actually abandoned blogging. I've been updating the other blog way more. But even that one hasn't had much life since I've been on a trip, and well, both my blogs are dead right now. But I felt like updating this one.

I visited Blogger after about a week and found out I have 3 more followers than I did last time, so that helps. That might have something to do with my decision to blog again.

I'm getting a treatment on my hands. I guess it's between some kind of arthritis, and the very beginning of the carpal tunnel getting sore, but anyway it's not as advanced as I thought it was. For a few days I'll be doing this treatment. Part of the treatment is to dip my hands in wax so I feel like a candle. :D But it works because I really do feel better. Not perfect yet, but there's still a few days left. I'm confident this'll make some kind of difference.

I gave up inkpop swapping for Lent, and it's pretty much the only thing I gave up for Lent that I actually could stick with. I've been kind of going up and down between spots 9 and 12. I think tonight I'll be in the top 10, number 6. That means The Wishing Well is going to be a top pick on...May?

I keep starting new stories that never make it past a couple chapters. I sometimes wonder if I'll be able to finish a book at all this year, or if I'll just spend it editing and promoting what I already wrote. I guess we'll see.

My faith blog is dead. I could update it more but I have this problem with not being able to update it for various reasons. Looking for inspiration here!! >.< Actually...I have lots I could blog about.
I need to work on it. *pulls up document to draft a decent blog post* Maybe I'll have better luck with long blog posts than short ones.

I'm out of things to say now.
HUGS! :)

Trailer for The Wishing Well

(The trailer still has the title Autumn of Secrets, but that's the only thing that changed--the plot is the same!)

Thanks to Nickname for making this trailer!