Friday, December 3, 2010


I'm planning some changes for Autumn of Secrets that will take place during the editing time. The prologue of the first book, the one up for reading now, seems to fit the second book better; I wrote a new prologue for Autumn of Secrets that fits better, and helps explain the backstory, but I need to get it to some friends for comparison. It might not be as powerful as the one I have right now, so I need some help on it.

I'm currently ranked at 68 and will continue to make my way to the top 5.

I should also start editing The Shadow so that the final bound version will be at its best. I'll give it a skim before ordering the copies. I can't wait to hold a bound copy of it in my hands. :) But I also can't wait for it to be on bookstore shelves. I know I've been saying this over and over for the past year or three, but next year will be the one that I really work on getting published. Because I finally have a version of the book that I'm satisfied with. I'm sticking to it, and therefore will be working on getting it out there.

I'm still writing Fall of the Falcon, but slowly. Battle scenes are hard...

That's about it. :) More updates later!

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Trailer for The Wishing Well

(The trailer still has the title Autumn of Secrets, but that's the only thing that changed--the plot is the same!)

Thanks to Nickname for making this trailer!