Friday, February 4, 2011



by elizabethmichaels
Book: Mystery, Paranormal, Romance, Horror
"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil." But I had every reason to be afraid...
...for the evil was real. And it was waiting for me.
No one willingly goes to Shadow Valley. When fifteen-year-old Ever Grace finds herself there, wondering what happened, she can think of only one thing…how to escape.
But escape, she finds, is not so easy. There are lots of reasons to stay. First there’s the promise of finding the father who vanished from their lives years ago. If she leaves, he will be forever lost. But is he really alive or is it all just a trick?
Then there’s Ethan, the infinitely handsome, slightly older boy who seems too good to be true. Does he really care about her or is Ethan just a means of seduction, something to bind her to a place she’s so desperate to leave?
When an evil infects the town and people begin to die, she knows her only chance for survival is to escape, but every attempt only uncovers another of the town‘s terrible, shocking secrets. And with every discovery, the mystery of where she is and why only deepens.
With time running out, Ever must find the truth among the lies. Just what is Shadow Valley and more importantly, can anyone survive?

I remember reading this a few weeks back because it was under the What’s New section, and I enjoyed it back then. I read three chapters because it’s got a hook, an awesome one, and commented and picked. Then later the author asked me to swap for it but since I’d already read and picked it, I figured I could read more chapters to make it count. I’m sure glad I did because this book does not disappoint as you read farther in! As of yet I’ve found nothing to critique…at all. Which is definitely a first!
I don’t just like it because of the title—I know some of my friends are aware of my obsession with any story shadow-related!—although it is a pretty cool title. The writing is engrossing and there are twists that, wow, I never saw coming. I haven’t quite finished reading yet, but I definitely plan to, and I insist that you give this story a read! You won’t be disappointed! I’ve never seen anything like it—clever, well-written, and you’re at the edge of your seat the whole time. It’s one of my favorite stories on inkpop, ever. So read it.
I would be more specific with the awesomeness of this story, but I don't want to spoil anything. I feel it would shatter the mystery. Just go read it and you'll see why I'm rambling! ♥
6/5 stars!!

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