Sunday, September 5, 2010

Yay for bookcases!

Thanks to this little bookcase, my desk looks a lot tidier. (To me.)
The desk. Maybe you would see the difference better if you knew all the shuffling around with books I did... :)

The bookcase. There's two rows on each shelf.


Cherise said...

You have the same LOTR set as I do! :D

*happy sigh* I love bookshelves. Especially after they've been arranged neatly.

As far as the progress bar goes, no, you cannot change the goal (at least not to my knowledge). However, at the same site they have a smaller progress bar where you can change the goal.

Faith said...

Ah! I want one! *envies* I really need a new bookshelf, but yours looks really neat!

Trailer for The Wishing Well

(The trailer still has the title Autumn of Secrets, but that's the only thing that changed--the plot is the same!)

Thanks to Nickname for making this trailer!