Friday, September 17, 2010

It's the time it takes to blo-ow o-ow o-ow o-ow away.

I'm back in Inkpop!! Soon I'll have a link to my stuff on, like, the sidebar or something. I put up the book thing I wrote over the summer, since there isn't much else I can do with it. I think I'll be writing book two of that series for NaNoWriMo. It's gonna be better than book one, plot-wise, and I don't have to worry about the speed typing messing it up---the summer project, Autumn, was a product of speed-typing anyway. So there won't really be a difference. They'll both be too fast paced and have awful grammar and I don't know why I really put it up except to give you guys something to read. I guess it was to prove I really am a writer. :) So if you want to read it, have fun!! And don't bother with con-crit, really. I know most of it will be really badly written.

I'm finding Inkpop to be more addictive than Facebook. Which is a big surprise, isn't it? Facebook is really addictive to begin with. Oh well, what can one do about it. *shrugs*

My brother helped me draw a picture based on The Shadow! You won't be able to see it very well since the pic is too blurry. Maybe I'll scan it later so you can see better. But you can tell it's really foggy, and you can especially see the little gazelle he drew, hiding in a shadowy forest. I like it a lot, and will be framing it sometime soon. My bro's awesome.

Also, I want to try to do something similar with oil pastels. I like how he helped me envision the black fog that destroyed everything. It's like...smoke after an eruption, or explosion. Hard to explain. But you'll see after I scan it. Haha.

My favorite subject in school so far remains being History. The others I haven't quite grasped yet, especially the science ones. Oceanography is okay, though. It's pretty fun, but still, it will never be my favorite subject.

That's about all I can think of blogging about at the moment. :)


Blackhills said...

Yeah, Inkpop is pretty addictive.

You said comment, so I did :D If I've done something wrong just slap me or something.


Beautifully Pure said...

I'm glad your writing is going well, Mariella. It's so weird for me to be out of this whole writing thing - though I am def doing NaNo this year. I am sooooo excited for it!! I posted in the Word Dancers discussion post about it the other day, in fact. :D

~ Katie

Carter Storm said...

congrats! :) I need to get back into Inkpop - ugh, but the stack of homework over my head won't let me. :( Once again, Congrats!
---yours truly---> Carter Storm.

Cherise said...

I'm so glad you're having fun on Inkpop! It does look addicting, even from the outside. However, I'm pretty sure that for now, my parents wouldn't want me diving into a new site that's sure to take a lot of my time. Oh well, maybe at a later time (like, when I actually have something to post).

I love the picture! :D That is so cool! Tell your brother he did an awesome job!

And yes, I think that doing the sequel to Autumn for NaNo is a good idea. When you said it, it just sounded right. :)

Trailer for The Wishing Well

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