Monday, September 13, 2010

Poem #1.

Yep, that's what I titled it. See, the other day I got this weird urge to write a poem. I got out a big huge journal which I loved so much, I wanted to save it until I could use it for something special. I guess that something special was meant to be poetry, because for the past three days, I've been drafting what seems to be some kind of epic. But the result of part one was very different from what I started out with. I'm thinking this is either going to be a novel written entirely in Mariella Hunt's bad poetry, or it'll be a NaNoWriMo novel where each chapter is started off with a poem describing what happened in the chapter. Either way is awesome to me. :) Here's the poem:

My gigantic poetry notebook. Notice the butterfly at the top
of each page. I looove butterflies.
The sun pooled in somewhere behind.

The memory played out in his mind.

He saw her come right through that door.

He knew he'd heard of her before.

He knew the dream was more than just

a vision that would soon be dust.

He knew those words had not been light;

he knew that girl was pale with fright.

He also knew it was his job

to save her from the hungry mob.

Oh, how he wished he could get close

enough to meet this tattered rose.

Oh, how he wished he could get close

enough to meet his tattered rose.


Beautifully Pure said...

I love it! Isn't poetry awesome??

I re-found my love of it earlier this year when I had tons of emotions bubbling inside me. Poetry - for whatever bizarre reason - was the best way for me to get all my emotions out.

Great job on your poem, though! :D

~ Katie

Cherise said...

Beautiful! Oh, I hope you post more of this soon, because I can't wait to read it. :) That would be so fun, to do an entire story in poetry! I would be scared to do it myself, but if you are having fun with it (and it certainly looks like you are), then what an adventure! :D

Trailer for The Wishing Well

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