Saturday, January 15, 2011

I haven’t written a thing since November.

Yup, that’s right. It’s the longest I’ve ever gone without writing something. It’s because of the Carpal Tunnel syndrome, and my hands are killing me, driving me absolutely nuts. I can read…I can jot ideas into my journal…but I can’t look forward to finishing Fall of the Falcon in a week, like I might have been able to do at around this time last year.

Remember when I used to say that being unable to write is like having breathing complications, and how I hoped I would never have to go through such thing? Well, ha ha, I’m going through it now. :-( I used to be the Queen of Speed when it came to writing (a title given to me by Cherise that I enjoyed very much.) Now, when I finally get back to writing, I will no longer be able to write 100k in a month. Overusing my hands was a great mistake, and I urge you not to do the same. Not if you want to keep writing, and avoid teetering on the edge of insanity. If you’re writing 100k per month and getting caught up in it, I strongly advise you to slow down and think about what this will do to you in the future…I wish I had done that, and I wish someone had warned me. I’d heard of Carpal Tunnel syndrome before, but never paid much attention to it. I was the confident speed-typer, nothing could stop me—not even an injury that comes with overuse of your hands!! Well…now I can’t write much at all. So I was brought back down to earth, and have realized that I really ought to have taken better care of myself. Please don’t be as careless as I was, even if you love writing—especially if you love writing, because then you’ll get those ‘breathing complications.’

My amazing mom :) has been taking care of me, and she knows a good hand doctor in Peru that we’re going to see when we visit down there this year. Hopefully he can speed up the treatment. When I finally feel better, I’ll stop abusing of my writing ability and no longer write for quantity—only quality. This might mean becoming the slowest writer in the world, but I honestly don’t care, as long as I can write.
Meanwhile, I’ve been reading a lot on inkpop, and catching up on my theology. I’ve probably got a hundred books on history and the Bible and the Church that I have put ‘in line’ for reading for years;  expect me to be very well-educated when I’m finally ‘back in the business…’ Already God is showing me other things He wants me to use my writing for, so sometimes I wonder if He purposefully put my fiction writing to a halt, if only temporarily. I might have mistakenly made writing more important than Him. **shifty eyes** I’ve found myself encountering Him in so many new ways since I’ve started reading about these things, and I can’t wait to carry out some of these projects He’s told me about.

I’m still on inkpop, trying to promote Autumn of Secrets. It’s teetering between spots 23 and 26, and I can’t seem to secure a rank right now. I still have to edit the last six chapters, and I’m doing a great job procrastinating. But also,  having hand pains is a good excuse for not editing. **grins** I’ll be putting up four chapters of The Shadow on Valentine’s Day, so that it can make the top 5 and I’ll build a following for it; this will look very good in query letters. I’ve realized, though, that it needs a round or two of proofreading before it goes up. Good thing there’s still some ways to go before Valentine’s Day.

I’m still planning the end of Fall of the Falcon, and coming up with a sequel to Autumn of Secrets. I love index cards and outlines, and thank goodness I can still write by hand and it doesn’t bother me that much. I’ve been keeping a diary and writing in it daily. I’m still reading Pure by Rebecca St. James and doing the daily exercises. I’ve been reading the theological works of Scott Hahn, including Hail, Holy Queen and The Lamb’s Supper. I take notes as I read, so I go slowly. Tonight I’ll take a picture of my theology bookshelf and you’ll see my reading list. :D I have like, half the religion section from Barnes and Noble. Looks like it’s finally time to read them!!

I also have a few YA books to read. I’m especially excited to read I Am Number Four, but first I need to finish Incarceron…it’s taking forever because I’m slow with fiction lately…

Please follow me on Goodreads! Scroll all the way down to see my virtual bookshelf, and add me as a friend. :)

Other things I can think of that you may or may not care about:
-I love the Mortal Instruments books, even though some people don’t. I’m on the second book so far and am enjoying it greatly.
-I got a nice cover for my nook (Barnes and Noble eBook reader) and a booklight.
-I make my own sticky notes because I hate writing in my theology books to take notes on a certain page.
-I’m becoming obsessed with Sugarland. One of my new favorite bands. Also, listen to Natalie Walker. Gorgeous stuff.

That’s about it for now! I just felt like updating tonight. :) Until next time (whenever that is)--

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