Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 2

Okay, so, it's the beginning of day 2.

My WC in NaNo has reached 14,023. I updated my progress bar but don't see much...progress on it. :P Tomorrow it ought to get better. I should reach 20k tomorrow, if things go well.

I finally got to write one of the scenes that has been in my head for months now! And it's not driving me nuts anymore! It feels like, when I finish writing something, it's done. Finished. Gone. Which is rather depressing, but it's also a relief. Maybe after NaNo there'll be room in my head for other stories. *grins*

Now I'm going to bed.

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Trailer for The Wishing Well

(The trailer still has the title Autumn of Secrets, but that's the only thing that changed--the plot is the same!)

Thanks to Nickname for making this trailer!