Sunday, December 13, 2009

So...really, who am I?

This is me. My name is Mariella Cecilia Hunt, and I'm about to sum up pretty much everything that I have written in my LiveJournal (personal life ramblings) blog. So that you know who I am.

I'm an aspiring writer. Writing is like breathing to me. I need to write, or edit, or read someone else's story---do something writing-related or else I will probably go insane.

My main genres are fantasy and mainstream fiction, but I am hoping to try historical fiction sometime. That'll take the research, that's for sure. But it'll be quite the challenge. I can't wait. But. I can't let myself write any more novels this year (2009) until I have edited two others that are already completed: The Slaying of the Shadow and How To Find a Vampire. Both titles could be changed at any time, but right now I'm content with what I have.

For Christmas or my birthday this year I am getting a copy of The Writers' Market 2010, and while editing novels, I'll start sending out query letters. Or learning about said letters. Fun. Now you get to follow my journey!

I'll answer a question before you even ask it. Why do I have two blogs---a Blogger and a LiveJournal? Well, I'm trying to write short stories to put on this blog to prove that I can write...and also, I'm trying to keep this blog on the topic of publication. My other blog is more personal for my closest friends, a lot of posts there will be private.
I don't know if I can handle two blogs. Let's see over time if I eventually switch over here entirely. But I like my LiveJournal blog. *weeps*

I've won NaNoWriMo '07, '08 and '09. The latter I wrote 100,000 words for.

I'm also Christian---Roman Catholic, to be precise. I keep a prayer journal and write letters to GOD every night. I write about what happened, I write down prayer intentions from friends and family, I spill my heart out. So if we get well-acquainted enough I'll probably write about you. If we don't, I probably will anyway. What do you want to bet you're already in that journal? :)

The basics---
Birthday: December 14, 1993.
Religious Views: Roman Catholic
Political Views: Conservative.
Genres: Mainstream fiction and fantasy.
Total novels written: Um...over eight?
Snail mail or email?: Both.
Likes comments?: DUH. So comment.

This was a fun first post. :) Let's see if I can figure out what to do with the rest of my blog.

If you want to learn yet more about me, check out my LiveJournal.

Till later,


Cherise A said...

Hey Mariella! Lovely first post! You summed yourself up perfectly. (It's nice reading this an not coming across something that I didn't know about you - that means I know you pretty well! :D)

I didn't know that you changed the title of The Shadow! Cool.

Oh, and I think your resolution to try historical fiction is a fabulous idea. It seems that I've been doing a lot of historical fiction recently (what with EM, Seer, and my fanfiction), but the farther I go I realize that I need to do more research so that I can truly dig into the time period. This past year I've gotten a lot of ideas for fanfiction for stuff that really happened - which is really historical fiction. :D

I love your blog background, by the way. It's awesome. :D


P.S. I get the first comment! Yay!!

Faith said...

Gah now you make so I can comment after I can't be the first! :D jk YAY! I'm excited to read your posts and yes you summed yourself up quite well.

Laura said...

Mari! I love it! Your background is inspiring too. :-) Check out my new blogspot (just got it today)

Love ya!

Hannah (LittleLoliLamb) said...


Hehe, it's so much FUN to connect with people from Inkpop to blogspot.It makes shadowy usernames much more...substantial, you know? NaNoWriMo huh? Very impressive! I wasn't familiar with that term until recently, so every time I see it I get a little surge of excitement thinking, "Hey, I know what that means!!"
It's quite sad, really...

Thank for creating this blog, I'll stay tuned!

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