Monday, January 18, 2010

picnik is too addictive :)

So this was my author pic for 2009, as voted by friends. And I found out about Picnik and edited it a bit. Now I like it a lot. :D I can't wait for spring...then I can take a 2010 author pic outdoors. :)

So. Some quick writing updates.
-I am still working on that novel for InkPop. I just want to have several chapters done before I put it up. :)
-As for my editing of The Shadow, I have edited (rewritten!!) 30k words in about a week, and 60 pages. I am about to reach the climax tonight. Whoo!
-I haven't been giving much critique on many stories due to being busy...studying for exams. Yay. *sarcasm*

All right, I guess I'll post a question for you to answer, if you read this blog post.

What are your favorite qualities in a character, and why?

Okay. Let's see if anyone reads this.

Until next time,

P.S. Please pray for Haiti.


Anonymous said...

My favorite qualities would be something between Gary, Matt, and Eric. ;) See if you can't figure that out! lol

You have REWRITTEN 30k, my dear, BUT then you will have to edit it. And edit it. And edit it again. ;) So don't get too excited just yet.

EXAMS?! Yuk. I wish you luck. *hugs*

Oh, and that pic of you? I love it!! :D Verreh nice.

Love you (and thanks for updating),


Cherise A said...

I still luuuv the picture. ;) But I love it with text even more. And Picnik is officially awesome! *loves*

Now I really MUST get on InkPop. After the CleanPlace ECP is done, perhaps I will. After all, if it's inspired you to write a whole new novel, it must be something pretty special.

Yay for you for editing The Shadow and getting so far! You're amazing. Here you are churning out great works of art and refining them, and I'm writing drabbles... which I suppose you could say are miniature works of art. Oh well. I'm refining my skills. There's nothing like brevity to do that for you. (I'd actually like to see you try one sometime. I would be cool!)

Favorite qualities in a character... well, if they're going to be the main character, they need to have a sense of reality; some spark, some hint of something beyond the everyday. I cannot live with superficial characters. This really is a great question. There's so many types of characters that it's hard to say in general.

I think in a hero, you have to have an element of sacrifice. Those are my favorite types of characters. Sydney Carton is the king of this type of character.

I shall have to ponder it more. Perhaps it shall turn into a lovely blog post on characters. ;)

And I am so sorry I have no emailed you. Truly. *pounds head on keyboard as a message to herself to do it SOON*

Heather Nicole said...

Um, yeah, me here finally. I read through your whole blog and now know everything about you :-D Scary, no?
Love the picture!!! Very fitting!!! Love the saying as well. Even more fitting :-D.
I was going to write something profound but my brain just fled and seeing I am ten stories high there is no way I am jumping after it.
Anyhow, I plan to come by more so you MUST post more!!!
Congratulations on bok progresses!!!! That is simply wonderful!!! Keep it up!!!
Character? Hm, well they must be real, believable and I like them if they have certain faults, makes them seem more real and not perfect. Also if they are not stuck up, brats, so forth or if they are if they learn their lesson in the end.
I needs go now!!! Miss you!!!

Trailer for The Wishing Well

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